Buy DMT Powder Online

Buy DMT Powder Online

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Formula: C12H16N2
Boiling point: 160 °C
Molar mass: 188.27 g/mol
CAS ID: 61-50-7
Density: 1.099 g/cm³
Melting point: 40 °C (104 °F)
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High peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) is an inherent defect in intensity modulation and direct detection (IM/DD) discrete-multitone (DMT) system, which will cause serious signal nonlinear distortion over fiber transmission. Single carrier-DMT (SC-DMT), which also refers to the discrete-Fourier-transform spread DMT (DFT-spread DMT), is a promising technology for DMT signal PAPR reduction, but higher computational complexity is required due to the additional DFT/IDFT operations in transceiver. In this paper, we experimentally compare the performance of SC-DMT and conventional DMT (CDMT) signal when the computational complexity of SC-DMT transceiver is lower than CDMT by reducing the FFT size in SC-DMT. The results show that the receiver sensitivity of 20 GHz 1024-point FFT based SC-DMT improves by 0.7 dB than 8192-point FFT based CDMT for both 120 Gb/s 64QAM-DMT and 140 Gb/s 128QAM-DMT signal transmission over 2-km single mode fiber (SMF) at the BER of 3.8 × 10(-3) and 2.0 × 10(-2), respectively. It is the first time to find that the SC-DMT with lower transceiver computational complexity outperforms CDMT. In addition, fast-Hartley-transform (FHT) technique is employed to replace FFT for further transceiver computational complexity reduction. The results give out that FHT-based SC-DMT shows the same BER performance with FFT-based SC-DMT, while the computational complexity of the transceiver can be reduced by half. buy DMT Powder online

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