Buy Flualprazolam Online

Buy Flualprazolam Online


ChemSpider ID: 8534493
Formula: C17H12ClFN4
Molar mass: 326.76 g·mol−1
ChemSpider ID: 8534493
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Buy Flualprazolam online 

 buy Flualprazolam online  is a novel designer benzodiazepine, structurally related to alprazolam, flubromazolam and triazolam. In the last couple of years, it has been frequently detected in seizures and in forensic cases in Sweden and Finland. However, there is a lack of published blood concentrations for the drug, which presents difficulties when assessing its relevance for the cause of death. A quantitative method for the determination of flualprazolam in post-mortem blood was developed and validated, and subsequently used to analyse samples from 33 deaths previously screened as testing positive for flualprazolam in Sweden and Finland. Most of the cases in the study were accidental deaths (61 %) or suicides (18 %). The median (range) flualprazolamconcentration was 18.0 (3.0-68) ng/g. The majority of the deceased were male (82 %) and the median age was 30 years. The median age in the Swedish cases was significantly higher (35 years) than in the Finnish cases (23 years) (p< 0.05). Poly-drug use and particularly the concomitant use of flualprazolam and opioids were very common in the study population. Most of the cases that were positive for flualprazolam were fatal poisonings by a drug (N=23), and in 13 cases, flualprazolam was implicated in the cause of death. Combining the resources of two countries in which all post-mortem toxicology is centralised provided a more comprehensive insight into the toxicology of flualprazolam. Research on novel psychoactive substances, such as flualprazolam, is required in order to be able to provide scientific evidence on the risks of these new substances for drug administration and potential users.

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